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Inquiry: Parallel Forces

Purpose: To practice parallel force problems with different distributions of weight.


Using the masses and locations listed below, draw the FBD and determine force F1 and force F2 in your notebook.

200 g at 0.3 m 1000 g at 0.6 m 500 g at 0.7 m

Special Note: Although torques are calculated by taking force times distance, because force is always on both sides of the torque equations we can keep our forces as masses and measured in grams. Clips have a mass of 21.0 grams.

Inquiry Questions:

  1. Practice Problem: A 4 x 105 N, 200 meter bridge is supported by pillar A on one end and pillar B on the other. There is a 3 x 103 N truck 80 m from pillar B. Find the forces that each pillar is exerting. (show work)