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LED BOARD 2020 2019
1.1 Measurement 87
1.2 Math Foundations 75
1.3 Vector Addition 90
2.1 Uniform Acceleration 80
2.2 Graphing Motion 82
2.3 Newton's Laws 79
3.1 Force Body Diagrams 74
3.2 Parallel Forces 0
4.1 Projectile Motion 0
4.2 Circular Motion 0
4.3 Rotational Motion 0
5.1 Work Eff./Power 0
5.2 Energy Conservation 0
5.3 Momentum 0
6.1 Wave Mechanics 0
7.1 Sound Characteristics 0
7.2 Sound Intensity 0
7.3 Doppler Effect 0
7.4 Strings & Tubes 0
8.1 Photoelectric Effect 0
9.1 Fluid Dynamics 0
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Inquiry: Center of Gravity

Purpose: To observe how the weight of the beam on which the forces act behaves like a force concentrated at the center of gravity of the beam and to determine the conditions for equilibrium of several parallel forces.

Procedure for Part 1:

  • Mass a meter stick on a balance.

  • Locate the COG of the stick by balancing it on a narrow support.

  • Support the meter stick at some location OTHER than the COG and add a single clip and mass to bring the stick into balance.

  • In your notebook, draw the FBD and calculate the mass required at the COG to produce rotational equilibrium and compare this mass with the measured mass of the stick. Calculate the % error.

Procedure for Part 2:

  • Support the meter stick at the 0.20 m mark and hang a 1.0 kg mass at the 0.01m mark.

  • At the 0.1m mark hang a 0.5 kg mass, at the 0.4 m mark hang a 0.1 kg mass and at the 0.7 m mark hang a 0.2 kg mass.

  • In your notebook, draw the FBD and compute where a 0.1 kg mass and clip must be hung to produce rotational equilibrium. Compute a % error.

Inquiry Questions:

  1. A 20 m long rod with an uneven distribution of mass is being supported on both ends. The upward force on one end is 800 N while the other one is 600 N. Where is the COG? (show work)