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Q2: CATapult Car

Criteria and Constraints:

Each team will submit one "Self Propelled Catapult", built by both members, to carry and launch a ping-pong ball from a starting line to a given target. The device shall not exceed a length or width of 50 cm. The length may be measured in either cocked or uncocked position. The energy sources must all be mechanical in nature for both the movement of the apparatus and the propulsion of the ping-pong ball. The launch must use either a spring loaded or trebuchet catapult. In other words, this is not a slingshot or a gun car.

The Competition

Each device will be placed behind a starting line. The student may release or otherwise activate the device without a push/pull start. No part of the device other than wheels shall come in contact with any other object. The device must stop on its own. The device must carry the ball a minimum of 2 meters from the start line, but not more than 3 meters, before launching the ball. A launch zone will be marked on the floor. A foul is declared if any part of the device does not reach the 2-meter line at the front of the launch zone or if any part of the device crosses the 3-meter line at the back of the launch zone. At the completion of the launch, all parts of the device must remain within the launch zone. A target will be placed 3.0 meters from the 3-meter line. Your score will be determined by the following rubric. Each device will have an infinite number of trials up to a certain competition day to register as high of a score as possible. On competition day you will only have your class period to test your car. Your best score during that class period will average with your previous best prelim score to determine your final grade. The grading rubric is as follows:

Grading Rubric:

3.5 Lands and stays in bucket
3.4 Lands in bucket but bounces out
3.3 Hits bucket on the fly
3.2-2.8 Zones
2.5 Over the board through uprights.
2.0 Legitimate Launch
1.5 Enters launch zone and stops.
1.0 Built a resemblance of a car.
0.1 added each time it stays in bucket (up to 4.0)