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LED BOARD 2020 2019
1.1 Measurement 86
1.2 Math Foundations 73
1.3 Vector Addition 90
2.1 Uniform Acceleration 0
2.2 Graphing Motion 0
2.3 Newton's Laws 0
3.1 Force Body Diagrams 0
3.2 Parallel Forces 0
4.1 Projectile Motion 0
4.2 Circular Motion 0
4.3 Rotational Motion 0
5.1 Work Eff./Power 0
5.2 Energy Conservation 0
5.3 Momentum 0
6.1 Wave Mechanics 0
7.1 Sound Characteristics 0
7.2 Sound Intensity 0
7.3 Doppler Effect 0
7.4 Strings & Tubes 0
8.1 Photoelectric Effect 0
9.1 Fluid Dynamics 0
Current Class Leader: TIE

Mastered each JEDI Trial!
Noah Graalfs
Alec Knepper
Peter Schumacher
Taylor Tiffin
Lukas Zerajic
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Q4: Roller Coaster

Each spring, UHS Physics students complete their final engineering project by constructing a miniature roller coaster in groups of 2-4 students. The project is entered into the annual Iowa State University Tau Beta Pi Roller Coaster Competition. Click here for official competition rules. You can also view past roller coasters by viewing the Roller Coaster Hall of Fame. Before competition, I need your team to send me via YouTube a clear, continuous video of a successful run. This is NOT like the Rube Goldberg video. No explanations or video editing needed. Just a video capture of a successful run. This way you won't have to worry about me videoing a successful run at the competition. Also your videos will be better since you know where the ball is going. I will NOT accept any cell phone video that is videoed in the portrait position. You must turn your cell phone sideways if you are going to use it. However, try to use the best camera available to you. Title your video with the name of your Roller Coaster and put all team members names in the video description. Your roller coaster will be graded based upon the following:

Grades Based on Following:

  1. Video of a successful run.
  2. The final product and how well it works from start to finish.
  3. Nicely designed Poster Board complete with physics explanations.
  4. Presentation to the judges.
  5. Awards you receive at the competition.
  6. Peer ratings.
  7. Short essay about your roller coaster experience.

Roller Coaster Essay Assignment (login to Google)